Kick London is run by a dedicated team of staff, trainees and volunteers. We’re always looking for excellent people to join us.

We also regularly have opportunities for interns and work experience students to join our staff team. These are short term opportunities for you to help us, while we help you to learn coaching and other skills needed to work with young people.

Current jobs

Sports Coaches and Dance Coaches

Main Work base: London
Hours Work: Full time/Part-time/Sessional
To deliver Kick London sessions in, but not limited to, schools, Kick Academies and community projects whilst joining us in our mission to “Transform young peoples lives with God’s love through sport and support..

Coaches will be able to:

  • Develop the sporting ability and confidence of young people in the chosen setting.
  • Serve schools, churches and community groups through delivering quality sports programmes through values based provision.
  • Engage well with young people with the ability to motivate and sinspire. 
  • Achieve the vision of “Transforming young people’s lives by God’s love through sport and support”.

Contact for full job description.

Kick London Interns

Main Work base: London
We are very excited to be recruiting interns once again for September 2019. Having interns within Kick London is greatly strengthening to our team and our vision. We are looking forward to where God takes Kick London next year and we believe our intern(s) will be a key part of the journey.
Our internship offers the following:

  • Delivering values based PE or dance provision within our schools whilst supported by our qualified coaches
  • Regular training and biblical teaching
  • Annual conference
  • Community based projects
  • Possible opportunities within our marketing and media production
  • Achieve the vision of “Transforming young people’s lives by God’s love through sport and support”.

Contact for full job description.

How to apply:

Please submit your CV and covering letter to Your covering letter should include the following areas, and should be written with the job description and person specification in mind.
1. Why Kick London?
a. Tell us what has attracted you to Kick London. 
b. Please include your passion for working with young people and how you have shown compassion for young people within your current experience.
c. How have you shown excellence within your previous experience of sports, dance or mentoring?
d. How have you incorporated appropriate values in to your coaching? If so, please share the outcomes you have seen. 
2. Please tell us about your Christian experience. This is important as Kick London is a Christian charity and the role involves sharing your faith.
a. How could your Christian faith be incorporated in to sports coaching?
b. Tell us how you are commited to a church (and other Christian groups’) activities.                                                                                                                                                      
3. How are you suited to leading and developing the work of Kick London in an aspirational manner? Provide examples from previous experience.
4. What makes you stand out from others to make us bring you in for interview?

We look forward to hearing from you.