But, just what happened to Judas

But, just what happened to Judas?! I happened to be in a Year 5 classroom the other day as they were discussing the events of the Easter story. The class were having a fascinating discussion over who was responsible for the death of Jesus. Was it Pilate? The...

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…even when no-one is watching

I remember when I was 16 I was playing my first season of Under-18’s football for a team I had been playing for for years, and had played all through the age groups and now was at a point where we were getting to the level where it was no longer a case of...

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A love that gives us hope and a purpose

Hope. A word many people use but when push comes to shove, when your back is against the wall, do you? Each day I work with teenagers for Kick, and hope is something so few of them have. Some have vague ideas, but most of my mentees just survive. They do each day and...

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