Kick London works in 4 Pupil Referral Units in the Boroughs of Croydon and Bromley. Pupil Referral Units cater for those young people who have been excluded from mainstream school, for a variety of reasons.

Coningsby PRU (Croydon)

Engaging young people through sport.Kick London provides weekly sessions, coaching football to 14-16 year olds. The emphasis of the sessions is on football and leadership skills. The sessions are about encouraging the right attitude, taking responsibility for their actions, and participating constructively. The young people are encouraged to take responsibility for leading and organising sessions, including designing the session, health and safety aspects and leading others (including a session of coaching children). The specific outcomes of the course are:

  • Planning, preparing and assisting a simple sporting activity
  • Basic communication skills for leading a sporting activity
  • Principles and practice in delivering a basic health and fitness session
  • Understanding fair play in sport
  • Understanding the role of the sports official
  • Understanding the scope of local sport and recreational activity
  • Demonstration of leadership skills in sport

Cotelands PRU (Croydon)

Kick London provides a one hour session per week in each PRU, coaching football to 20 14-16 year olds, consisting of vulnerable students (mainly emotionally based school refusers). The sessions taught here are similar in structure to those at Coningsby above. The other focus of the sessions is for our coaches to build relationships with the young people, enabling them to coach ‘life skills’ alongside football skills. These have included teamwork, anger management, conflict resolution, empathy with others and playing by the rules. We have seen an improvement in the young people’s ability to manage their behaviour and focus in lessons, as well as working together with other students in a more constructive and productive manner.

Midfield and Hayes PRU (Bromley)

Midfield PRU caters for primary age young people whilst Hayes PRU provides provision for secondary age children. Kick London provides sessions for these pupils with similar aims and outcomes as the senior age sessions. The most common outcome has been an improvement in their ability to engage in and concentrate on an activity, and appreciation of how hard work can achieve results.