We are currently delivering national curriculum PE lessons (in lots of sports) in many schools and often this is to cover PPA time, but not always. We can also offer dance lessons as part of the PE curriculum. All of our coaches have lots of experience in delivering PE lessons. We carefully select our coaches to ensure they are good role models who can manage behaviour as well as teach PE/Dance sessions. Our values based coaching is integral to all we do.

Children's feet in sports hall We deliver sport, dance and mentoring underlined with strong values. Our staff are committed to our Christian ethos; to follow Jesus example, to demonstrate God’s love to all young people and bring local communities closer together.

SMSC Values

Kick London looks to support schools with SMSC Values using the latest Ofsted requirements for this important area. We do this specifically by supporting and encouraging spiritual, moral, social and cultural values. These include beliefs and experience; respecting faiths, feelings and values; encouraging the individual to enjoy learning about oneself, others and the surrounding world; using imagination and creativity and the ability to reflect.

  1. Spiritual

Kick London coaches are committed to supporting all young people in their ability to develop spiritually regardless of what faith background or not they originate. We want all young people to be able to reflect upon their own beliefs in whatever capacity and respect each other. Our sports sessions for example are all values driven seeking out shared values such as having a good attitude, respecting each other, teamwork and overcoming obstacles.

We use sports analogies to instil in young people the need to appreciate difference and remain a team player. We are committed to ensuring that all young people love their learning environment and are excited to be developing. Our sessions are active and we look to be creative in the way we weave in values to the session.

We are able to offer Assemblies to Schools who would like this service and are able to either apply secular values to these times or where a School would prefer, more Christian focused values applicable to all learners.

All our coaches promote a clear understanding that there is a freedom to choose and hold different faiths and an acceptance of others who have different beliefs.

  1. Moral

Kick London’s assemblies are theme based – focussed on spiritual, moral, social as well as cultural change for the young people. These Assemblies enable students to distinguish right from wrong and to respect the civil and criminal law.

In our sports lessons we encourage students to accept responsibility for their behaviour, show initiative, and to consider how their actions affect others. We use our mentoring sessions to challenge behaviour and shape learners attitudes towards respecting their families, peers and School staff. We encourage a listening dialogue in our mentoring sessions with young people and reason with them about opinions to ensure they understand how operating on impulse can be destructive and not always the best approach.

  1. Social

Kick London sport sessions are values themed and we use topics to encourage respect for other people such as teammates, referee and teacher Our coaches act as strong role models to the young people promoting positive social cohesion and respect for different cultures.

Through our mentoring programme learners develop their self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence.Dance Photo 1

We want all our learners to understand how they can contribute positively to the lives of those living and working in the locality of the school and to society more widely. We offer work experience to learners in year 10 in our Secondary Schools and from the local community, which contributes to the social mobility of our communities and employment prospects.

Our Kick Academies engage young people with inter-generations within their local community

  1. Cultural

Kick London’s community based Kick Academies show our commitment to cultural values by introducing young people to local community groups and churches to enable them to acquire a broad of knowledge and respect for public institutions and services in England.We work with the schools and within these institutions in the community to encourage further tolerance and harmony between different cultural traditions.

We believe it is important to have an appreciation of and respect for our learners own backgrounds and other cultures. We provide learners with a number of opportunities to vote in terms of selecting teams and activities in our sessions

Our dance programme offers a cultural background to the different types of dance disciplines we offer young people. Dance as a cultural phenomenon provides young people with an excellent way to communicate and celebrate diversity within a structure.

Each lesson has a value linked to it. For example a lesson on passing is linked to making the right choices in the game. We then broaden this further to consider their choices in their attitudes to their work and behaviour. We extend the learning so that it impacts not just the sports field, but the children’s everyday lives.

Our Values – How we do what we do?

We aim to transform young peoples lives by being:

  • Aspirational on behalf of our young people, being ambitious for their progress and in our desire to reach more young people
  • Compassionate toward our young people, showing humbleness, being inclusive and making our approach flexible to suit their needs
  • Excellent in our performance, innovating with continuous improvement for the best outcomes for our young people
  • Intentional in our relationships with young people, schools, churches, partners, funders and each other to building a family together at Kick London
  • Integral in our decision making, in our relationships with each other and in our partnerships

Our ‘values-based’ approach can bring the following benefits:

  • A reinforcement of your school’s values and ethos
  • Tailoring our programme to suit your school
  • The promotion of a healthy and active lifestyle
  • An increase in confidence and self-esteem for your pupils (as well as other life skills)

We also take breakfast, lunch and after-school clubs, in addition to holiday clubs. We also provide mentoring in primary schools, both individually and in small groups. If the coach is at school for the whole morning (or day), we also offer assemblies, which promote that week’s value.

Our work with those who have been excluded from mainstream education also informs our work in other schools, to help to improve behaviour and attitudes.

Please use the ‘contact us’ page to inquiry further about how we can meet the specific needs of your school, including our fees and availability.