Kick London deliver PE National Curriculum within both Primary and Secondary schools across London along with also providing breakfast, lunch time and after schools clubs on a weekly basis.

Our Educational Aims Our programme follows 5 key themes to ensure it provides excellent education for young people.  The five themes are:

Sport for All – Engage and challenge all pupils through breadth and depth of Dance and physical activities.

Personal Development – Improve health, wellbeing and social skills of young people.

Academic Integration – Embrace Dance to engage young people in other forms of study and awareness.

Community – Engage young people in their surrounding community through physical activities.

Outstanding delivery – Position our young people at the forefront of the best Sport development in youth education in the UK.

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Our curriculum seeks to ensure that young people are introduced to a wide range of Sports both within and outside the National Curriculum to enrich their experience. It is varied, mapped to the National Curriculum with a bespoke full Scheme of Work across all of our Sports. The Scheme of Work builds the young people towards each competitive Sport and this can be tailored to fit with the needs of the school and the learner. We provide skilled coaches to deliver these services to ensure a high standard is delivered and ensure that the quality of our provision is regularly addressed.

Our Sports At Kick London we provide a range of sporting activities including:


What Makes Kick London’s Sport Different?

Our Curriculum is values focused with a values application to every lesson.  Our wide range of sports that are within and outside normal National Curriculum.  Our Sports coaches are also trained mentors and have a pastoral edge to their delivery.

Our assessment methods seek to assess learner’s improvement at, below and above normal levels of progress. We have our own assessment methods by half term or term. We can also map to the assessment methods of our schools provided a member of staff explains how you want the coach to complete the paperwork.

 Implementation                                                                                                                                                                                   All our sessions start with a warm up activity to avoid injury to the learners during the physical exercise. We then move into coaching a skill around the selected sport and ensuring that all learners are active and involved. We then move into application of that skill during a practical competition such as a match-based situation. Our coach will look to utilise our coaching formula during the session, crucially demonstrating best practise to the learner and ensuring appreciative enquiry takes place as the learners develop their skills.

Please use the ‘contact us’ page to inquiry further about how we can meet the specific needs of your school, including our fees and availability.