Chaplaincy is a key service which permeates the life of a school and all involved. It is our mission at Kick London to transform young people’s lives with God’s love and we believe that the role of a chaplain can make a significant impact at a school.

The 7 Key Dimensions of School Chaplaincy are:

Pastoral – Being present and available to spend time as a trusted adult with a chid and helping them engage with particular issues and situations.

Worshipful – Creating, shaping and leading both formal and informal worship within school.

Spiritual – Representing the spiritual dimension of human experience and life in community.

Missional – Conveying the “Good News” of God to those with whom they have contact.

Servant-Hearted – We want our chaplains to serve the needs of the school and individuals.

Prophetic – Presenting truth wherever it is needed within a school to be present, consistent, confident and open about it’s Christian identity.

Pedagogic – Demonstrating the living out of the Christian faith by example and through the activities, as well as through session delivery in RE, PE and PSHE.

Our Approach  

We abide by the Christian Chaplaincy in Schools National Standards for our approach to Schools based Chaplaincy. Chaplaincy has traditionally been a distinctive feature of universities and colleges and of many church-based schools. Outside the educational context, chaplaincy has been a feature of the armed forces, of prisons and hospitals and of other institutional situations. Even sports chaplaincy is now commonplace in Football, Rugby Union, and Rugby League; there are over 151,000 more sports chaplaincy opportunities across the UK.

“Chaplaincy is all about building relationships so people trust you and you are then able to speak with them and speak into their lives.” Warren Evans – Sports Chaplaincy UK


Our Chaplains  

The role of the Chaplain requires skills often not naturally present with an ordained ministers, particularly engaging young people. Our Chaplains have youth and education backgrounds with theological and pastoral training to be best suited to engaging young people. Currently there are over 1,000 lay chaplains in schools in the UK – and that figure is growing. Our Chaplains are committed to prayer, have a pastoral gift, are accountable, adhere to safeguarding, are consistent and are diligent in their need for on-going development. They all have a background in sport or dance delivery in schools.

What Makes Kick London’s Chaplaincy Different?        

Our service is delivered with the following key benefits to young people:

  • All our Chaplains are experienced educational professionals, they know educational context.
  • All of our Chaplain’s have credibility with the young people being qualified Sports or Dance coaches who are able to engage when necessary through their specialism and act as role models.
  • Kick London’s wider work seeks to have strong links to local Churches and their Schools, which is something we actively encourage through sport and dance Kick Academies.
  • We have strong links and training with Sports Chaplaincy UK who deliver Chaplaincy to professionals in sports clubs across the country.