Kick London work in over 50 Schools across 23 London Boroughs. We work with Infant, Primary and Secondary Schools  where we provide PE National Curriculum and Street Dance Sessions, Solutions Focused Mentoring and after school clubs.

How do we do this?

Outstanding Sports Education:

The five themes we use are:

  • Sport for All – engage and challenge all pupils through breadth and depth of sports and physical activities
  • Personal Development – improve the health, wellbeing and social skills of young people
  • Academic Integration – embrace sport to engage young people in other forms of study and awareness
  • Community – engage young people in their surrounding community through sport and physical activities
  • Outstanding delivery – position our young people at the forefront the best sports development in youth education in the UK

 Transformational Mentoring:

The five themes are:

  • Self-awareness development
  • Feelings and emotions management
  • Motivation for education
  • Empathy towards others
  • Social Skills to build confidence and self esteem

Sharing God’s Love:

The four themes are:

  • Demonstrate God’s love in the way we deliver our services
  • Declare in a relevant way the Good News about Jesus
  • Bring young people to a point of decision about the opportunity to accept Christ as their personal Saviour
  • To see young people discipled through strong relationships with the local church


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