Some of those young people we work with make a commitment to Christ, like Daniel, who is now involved with the church and the other activities it runs.

For others, we take them on the start of their journey and they get to hear for the first time that there is a God who loves them, or even to have an understanding of a loving saviour who is different to the Gods of their own religion. Some leave our academies at 18 and join church football teams – where they continue to be encouraged and discipled by church members. Others have had their lives so touched by the academy, they want to come back and volunteer for us.

Charlie, one of our young Christian volunteer coaches said:

“Kick is a great place to come. It is a nice arena for the boys to enjoy the sport they love and get to learn life skills and about God from the talk we give. A lot of the teenagers here don’t believe in God but they can still relate to the talk and see how it can be applied in their lives. It is nice to see kids enjoy what they do, have fun and just be themselves….it is a privilege to be a part of.”

S1010002David, another of our Kick volunteers, had made a commitment to Christ many years ago following an alpha course, but due to various trials life threw at him, fell away and only attended church because his wife was a Christian.Following a presentation about Kick London in Church one morning, his wife, recognising the need in their community, embraced the idea of an academy with open arms and convinced a reluctant David to help her run it, even persuading him to train and qualify as an FA level 1 coach.In the weeks and months that followed David listened to the talks given at the academy, and developed a relationship with the staff coaches. Talking to them re-ignited his faith and led him to re-commit his life to Christ. He became passionate about Kick London and its aims, firmly believing that they were sowing seeds for God in those young people. Shortly after this David developed terminal cancer.

Suzanne, his wife told us that she will always be amazed at the way God sustained them both until David died 11 months later, and forever grateful that God used the academy for his purposes, above and beyond ministering to the young people.

It is stories and testimonies like these which encourage us to grow our work, and to seek support to enable a dedicated team of coaches and volunteers to continue to take the gospel to young people in London.

“The Academy has improved my awareness of how God helps me; when I play sport as well as how he helps me in my life.”

“I like Kick London as I get to play football, make friends, and at Church you don’t really understand what the priest is saying, but here they tell you [about God] in words you can understand.”

“The academy has allowed us as a church to provide a fun forum for young people to learn about God and football, and it has enabled me to develop my knowledge of the bible through doing the talks with them.” (Volunteer)