Kick London’s academies are football and street dance sessions run on a weekly basis, for local young people in a safe, positive and encouraging environment.


Together with forward thinking church leaders we are responding to the chronic lack of young people in our churches today.

Today you are three times more likely to play Sunday league football than choose to attend church as a young person in the UK. Kick London seeks to allow young people to choose both – through the creation of Kick Academies. A Kick Academy is a model where young people receive values based football coaching centred on a theme. Then they look at a bible-based message that relates to the theme they have been working towards in the coaching that day, before playing matches. This hook of football often establishes strong relationships, which lead to breaking down the barriers for young people in church.

They are run in partnership with local churches who wish to provide activities for the local community.

They are led by FA qualified and Christian coaches and are aimed at girls and boys aged between 7 and 18 years.

The ethos of Kick London means that academies are available to all young people, irrespective of sporting ability or background. It is about the taking part and fulfilling personal potential, and not elitism in sport.

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“The Academy has improved my awareness of how God helps me; when I play sport as well as how he helps me in my life.” (young person)

“I like Kick London as I get to play football, make friends, and at Church I just don’t really understand what the priest is saying, but here they tell you [about God] in words you can understand.” (young person)

“The academy has allowed us as a church to provide a fun forum for young people to learn about God and football, and it has enabled me to develop my knowledge of the bible through doing the talks with them.” (Volunteer)