Partnering with Kick London to establish a new academy is an exciting step and one that a number of churches and church partnerships have already done successfully.

Before setting up a Kick Academy their are 6 questions to consider:

1. Who is the Kick Academy Leader and volunteers?
2. What is the target age group?
3. Which type of Kick Academy would you like to launch – football or dance?
4. Where will the Kick Academy take place?
5. When will your Kick Academy take place? (Day, Time, Launch Date)
6. Will you charge the young people to participate?
7. How many young people do you hope to gather/ How many can you gather?

Kick London would love to meet you to explore how an academy would work best in your local community. We have the resources, training programmes, equipment and expertise to help you get started and support you along the way.

Our next Kick Academy Training Day will be taking place on 23rd June at Christ Central Church, London.

For more information please contact us

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