The church in the UK faces a huge challenge. 2011 figures show that 342,000 under 16’s attend a Church of England service each week in the UK, compared to Football Association figures which show that about 3 million under 16’s participate in football each week!

Other research has highlighted the fact that boys were less likely to ‘enjoy’ Sunday morning church groups than girls, and that the activities on offer do not tend to reflect their leisure interests.

Kick London works with churches who see the powerful potential of sport to reach out to young people for God in their communities. Kick London provides churches with the training, equipment, resources and expertise to set up an academy, and the on-going support of our staff and coaches, enabling them to take ‘church’ onto the football pitch.

We can work with churches in many different ways. We can help them to set up academies, provide sports sessions in youth clubs, train them in sports ministry or simply visit to talk about our work.