Vision (where we want to go):

Our desire and passion is to reach as many young people as possible with God’s love through sport across London and beyond.

Our vision is to see a Kick London coach in every community that wants one in London and then go further across the UK to transform the lives of young people and their families.

Kick London Annual Values

In all of our PE lessons we strive to include core values to help the young people adapt these into their lives. For further information please find attached our values document.

Kick London Annual Values 2017 

Our Ethos – What is our motivation for how we operate?

To follow the example of Jesus who was committed to demonstrating God’s love in a relevant way, to bring transformation to our young people and their communities.

Our Values – How we do what we do?

We aim to transform young peoples lives by being:

  • Aspirational on behalf of our young people, being ambitious for their progress and in our desire to reach more young people
  • Compassionate toward our young people, showing humbleness, being inclusive and making our approach flexible to suit their needs
  • Excellent in our performance, innovating with continuous improvement for the best outcomes for our young people
  • Intentional in our relationships with young people, schools, churches, partners, funders and each other to building a family together at Kick London
  • Integral in our decision making, in our relationships with each other and in our partnerships

Values art