“Ethan” was referred to me two years ago. He was aggressive, lacked social skills and had a major negative affect on others in his year group.

Following the Kick London mentoring he has been on an encouraging journey. This hasn’t been a journey of instance successes, but Ethan has slowly learnt to think before speaking and acting. He has seen the positive impact that this has had on him and others. It has been inspiring to see him acknowledge his strengths and looking to tackle his weakness.

The thing that stands out for me over this period is that he has recognised himself as a leader that people follow. This can provide him with difficulties over responsibility, however he now understands that he needs to be a person who energizes and builds others up rather than be that person who takes others down and saps their energy.

Recently while we were completing the Kick London mentoring assessment tool, he shared the impact that the working had on his mum. He said, “I didn’t like all the emails and school meetings mum got before; it made her really sad and upset, now she doesn’t get these as much and it means a lot to me to make her happy.”

This growth and development of empathy is a real success.