We are constantly encouraged with stories and feedback from young people, volunteers and staff about how young people’s lives are being changed for the better through our work.

For some, it may be a first small step on a journey, such as learning to control their anger enough to hit an object not a person! For others, it is being able to enjoy being active without feeling bullied or useless. Whatever the outcome, as young people’s lives are changed for the better, they become a positive influence and a role models for others.

Transforming Lives

Jason and Kyle are two boys whose lives were changed as a result of our work.

“The impact of Kick London on my toughest boys this term has been amazing.”

“It has enabled me to give back, and be a role model for the younger boys.”

“Everyone is friends, everyone works as a team and the coaches teach everyone a good way of life.”

“The Kick coaches gave me a chance. They didn’t label me but they took me in and welcomed me like family….there was nothing else I could have wanted at that time.”

“I like Kick London because the coaches are awesome.”

Some of the outcomes of our work for young people:

  • Behaviour change brought about through the development of life skills
  • Improving their self-esteem and aspirations, making them less vulnerable to gang culture or criminality
  • Providing young people with positive role models who are prepared to give them time, build mentoring relationships and self-esteem, and give them a sense of purpose.
  • Improving their sporting ability and levels of physical activity, so improving their health and wellbeing.
  • Reducing the fear of crime in the community and enabling young people to become a positive part of their community.

Other outcomes from our work:

  • Delivery of approximately 121 hours a week of professional sports teaching in schools, delivered through the national curriculum and combined with the ‘Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning’ such as managing feelings and motivation.
  • Specialist programmes for 50 pupils excluded from school in pupil referral units. Providing positive role models and activities for at risk young people.
  • Partnership with Surrey Police to deliver a crime diversionary scheme for two housing estates with high social need in Sunbury, resulting in a reduction in reported incidences of anti-social behaviour.
  • 23 community based academies which each reach between ten and sixty young people every week (over 400 in total each year), providing them with positive role models, structured physical activity, sports skills and life skills.
  • 80 volunteers created to support young people in local communities.
  • Providing volunteers with additional training and skills (e.g. Football Association Level 1 Coaching Qualifications).