Kick London work with over 8,000 young people every week to make a positive difference to their lives through sport and support.

We use our professional services of PE National Curriculum and Transformational Street Dance within schools as a tool to engage with young people, enabling them to develop positive self-esteem, social responsibility, and life skills. These include the concepts of teamwork, leadership, self-control, making good choices, developing aspirations and respect.

Kick London also train Churches to run Kick Academies within their community which allows them to engage with young people within their area whilst also sharing the gospel message and values based teaching.unnamed 7

We are constantly encouraged with stories and feedback from young people, volunteers and staff about how young people’s lives are being changed for the better through our work.

Transforming Lives

Ethan and Louise are two young people whose lives were changed as a result of the work of Kick London.

“The impact of Kick London on my toughest boys this term has been amazing.”

“It has enabled me to give back, and be a role model for the younger boys.”

“Everyone is friends, everyone works as a team and the coaches teach everyone a good way of life.”

“The Kick coaches gave me a chance. They didn’t label me but they took me in and welcomed me like family….there was nothing else I could have wanted at that time.”

“I like Kick London because the coaches are awesome.”

 Outcomes from our work:

  • Delivery of services within 51 school across London.
  • 271 young people are mentored weekly through our schools programme with the hope of developing social skills, behaviour management and self esteem.
  • 23 community based Kick Academies which each reach over 500 young people every week providing them with positive role models, structured physical activity, sports skills and life skills.
  • 80 volunteers created to support young people in local communities.
  • Providing volunteers with additional training and skills