larger photo for facebookKick London was granted charitable status in 2003. Originally an extension of Youth for Christ’s (YFC) vision of a ‘Kick’ football ministry for London, YFC provided resources, advice and volunteers to enable Kick London to be established, with a clear mission and vision for London.

In 2004, the Kick London Trustees appointed Tom Rutter as a full time Development Officer in the London Borough of Richmond. Working with the support of a local church, he secured contracts in schools, established a weekend football academy and set up other sporting activities to reach local young people, teaching them life skills and the Gospel through sport.

In late 2005, based on the success of the work in Richmond, the Board of Kick London presented the Kick London concept at a public meeting at West Wickham and Shirley Baptist Church in Croydon. As a consequence of this meeting and, in part, as a response to the fatal stabbing of Gavin Brown in Shirley, a management team was formed to establish Kick London in Croydon.

2006 saw the employment of Hans Sims, Development Officer for Croydon, and the establishment of summer holiday schemes, schools work and weekend academies in Croydon.

Holy Trinity Academy (1)9 months after Hans’ arrival, there was the need to employ a second full time coach as the demand for Kick London sessions grew, and Lewis Farquharson was employed as Kick London’s first senior football coach.

The work of Kick London grew rapidly in Richmond, Croydon and adjacent boroughs, as schools and churches appreciated the impact on young people of highly-motivated Christian football coaches.

By 2008 Kick London had employed Mark Anderson as Operations and Development Manager and Philip Noel arrived the following year as Sales Manager. Approximately 3,500 young people were being reached every week.

In 2013, ten years on, Kick London was working in 8 London Boroughs, and had established 15 academies in partnership with local churches.

In 2018 we now have a CEO, an Office Manager, 2 Development Managers and a team of 51 members of staff varying from Sports Coaches, Dance Coaches, Mentors and our very first Sports Chaplain. We work in over 51 schools in 22 London Boroughs and have established 23 Kick Academies in partnership with local churches.

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