Carabao Cup Final Preview: Arsenal vs Manchester City

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Carabao Cup Final Preview?
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The English Football League cup competition, or EFL cup is now sponsored by Carabao, it has previously been sponsored by the Milk Marketing Board, Littlewoods, Rumbelows, Coca-Cola, Worthington’s and Carling.

It is seen by most who follow football as being third in line, behind both the Premier League and the FA cup in terms of importance for clubs competing in England. (As well as Wales, with Swansea City FC being the only previous Welsh winners, back in 2013.)

The cup is an annual knock out competition open to clubs in the top 4 divisions in England, with the winners qualifying for the UEFA Europa League. The current holders are Manchester United, who share 2nd place in terms of victories with both the inaugural winners of the competition back in 1961 Aston Villa & Chelsea FC, who are all on 5 wins with only Liverpool FC winning it more times throughout its history with 8 wins.

This season’s cup final is being contested by Arsenal and Manchester city football clubs. Although some people might well be billing it as the battle of the “Assist Kings”, with “The Goal making Maestro” that is Mesut &…
“The Complete Belgium Baller” that is Kevin De Bruyne going head to head.

Now, to use that old football cliché “Goals win games”, neither of these clubs ever really seem to struggle doing the most difficult thing in football; putting the ball in the back of the net! With both teams hoping to select their best strikers up front in Aguero and Aubameyang (who are both arguably world class strikers with 388 senior career goals between them). However, both sides revolve far more around their playmakers than their strikers.

That takes us back to the previously mentioned master makers of goals, De Bruyne and Özil who both (if even half fit) will start the game.

Both players are equally gifted magicians with a football at their feet, and that scary quality of vision with the ability to see the full picture before anyone else, both are capable of painting masterpieces with their passes!

For any true football fan, no matter of what colour shirt you wear you’ll be watching this cup final, not necessarily because of it’s importance, but because it is likely to be a great spectacle! We are hoping for easy on the eye, fluid football with no parked busses!


In truth it’s more likely to be, more like a basketball game in the way both teams attack, with a bunch of ballers on both sides, there are intriguing battles all over the pitch.


Our hope is you’ll be watching the game on Saturday waiting for passes to be pinged, strings to be pulled, defences to be split and chances to be created and please let us assist you in pointing out the likely candidates, the potential game changers, allow us to glimpse into the future and predict the pass masters, the Orchestrators of this football Opera the two footballing geniuses that are Mesut Özil & Kevin De Bruyne…


Yasha Tobias-Browne

Staff Coach