Meet the Coach: Josh Chaproniere

1. Who are you, where are you from, how long have you been involved with Kick London, and what is your role?

Josh Chaproniere, Ludlow Shropshire, 2 years, on and off, as a sessional coach.

2. What are your favourite sports, teams, affiliations, and such like?

Manchester United and I have a soft spot for LA Galaxy.

3. How do you come to be a part of the Kick London family?

Alastair Park told me about the interviews. He was volunteering at St Johns helping Jack Taylor, as we all know he needs as much help as he can get.

4. What has been your best highlight while working for Kick London?

Probably answering question about God for kids at Kent House, a lot of them believed God was all about rules and control, being able to tell them about the love of God was amazing.

5. What is the funniest thing a child has ever said to you while working for Kick London?

“Are Alastair and Andy twins?”

6. Does Jesus care about football? If so, who does he support?

He does! But I think he’d be a little like Hans and have numerous affiliations, but he’d show a little more love to Liverpool, as let’s face it someone has to.

7. What is your personal sporting highlight, either for you or the team/person you support?

Manchester United winning the treble. It was that moment that I fell in love with the game.

8. What could happen in your working day, that would make your year?

Making a real difference to somebody’s life.

9. Finally, can you provide a picture of you involved in your sport, either an action shot, you in your teams kit, at a game supporting your team, you holding a cup or trophy, etc.

IMG_8664 IMG_8665

10. How does Kick London fit in with your personal missional heart? Why Kick London?

I was saved though playing football for Christ central church so I know first had the power of sport, so I just try to show my love for sport and Jesus everyday.