Meet the Quality Manager: Hans Sims

1. Who are you, where are you from, how long have you been involved with Kick London, and what is your role?

Hans Peter Sims, London.
Re joined in 2015 as Quality Manager.
Prior to that I worked for Kick London between 2006-2009.

2. What are your favourite sports, teams, affiliations, and such like?
Love all sports other than horse racing! Main sports being football and rugby
I support Derby County and have a soft spot for Liverpool!

3. How do you come to be a part of the Kick London family?
I first heard about Kick London through a friend who’s dad was excited by the vision and knew with my love of sports and my faith that I’d be interested. I interviewed for the position of development officer to see Kick London expand in Croydon and Bromley predominantly at the time.

4. What has been your best highlight while working for Kick London?
My first time round we had a very tight family unit as coach’s, it was special. Equally that is something that has remained re-joining Kick London.
I’d also have to say it was a highlight the other day for a pupil in a school assembly to highlight the Kick London value instead of the school value for the month when asked by a headteacher!

5. What is the funniest thing a child has ever said to you while working for Kick London?
“Andy Dutton is better than you sir”

(Editor’s note: This child subsequently went on to have a highly successful career as an FA affiliated talent scout)

6. Does Jesus care about football? If so, who does he support?
He cares about us, so in that sense he probably sees the value when used for good that football can bring.
He’s got a Derby County season ticket I do believe.

7. What is your personal sporting highlight, either for you or the team/person you support?
Oh wow, probably have to dig out some old ones when I was half decent! Representing my county (Surrey) when younger playing a football tournament in Norfolk was pretty epic. Got to play alongside some future Premiership players.

8. What could happen in your working day, that would make your year?
A pupil remembering not only the skill taught but telling me how they’ve put the Kick London value into practice.

9. Finally, can you provide a picture of you involved in your sport, either an action shot, you in your teams kit, at a game supporting your team, you holding a cup or trophy, etc.

Do you accept black and white photos?! Here is a picture of my church team winning the league trophy!


10. How does Kick London fit in with your personal missional heart? Why Kick London?

It seeks to further advance God’s Kingdom through sport. That’s something that anyone who loves sport and Jesus could surely get excited by!