Kick London seeks to transform young people’s lives

butterflyThat’s what it’s all about for us. We wouldn’t be doing what we do if we weren’t aiming for this, all the time. Our vision is what keeps us going and it’s something we should keep in our minds at all times, even when we’re doing the mundane things like pumping up footballs, paying the bills or writing reports. All of what we do works together to achieve our main aim – it’s the reason we work and plan and develop and seek out new ways of making it happen.

Remembering this is difficult as it’s easy to get caught up in the busyness and distractions of our daily lives. The traffic jam or the late train; the lost item of equipment; the child who has forgotten his PE kit; the other child who misbehaves. And then there’s the actual session to take. In all this, how do we keep our mission to transforms lives at the heart of all we do?

It’s our planning, our attitude and our heart which can go a long way to keep us focussed on our mission. The few minutes of quiet reflection before arriving at the school. In confronting bad behaviour, remembering every child is a person full of potential with the capacity to make a positive and worthwhile contribution…eventually. Remembering that God has changed us and given us a heart for these young people with which we seek that transformation in their lives.

Even in those mundane activities, we could be thinking how they could play a part in transforming a life. We could imagine how one thing we say, one thing we do, sets us apart and causes a young person to take a step closer to being transformed in to the person which God created them to be, free from anything in their past which may be holding them back and ready for a future where life can be lived in all its fulness.