A new beginning

babyAs I’m writing this we are waiting for our new baby to be born – the moment could be any time now. By the time this appears on the website, I’m sure she will have been born. What a wonderful time, to see a new life enter our world and I can’t help thinking what sort of life she will have. Our 3 year old daughter is growing up in a world so different to the one I grew up in, which was very different to that my parents grew up in. Our world changes so quickly.

Whenever we start anything new, we will always have expectations, hopes, dreams about the future. It’s impossible to predict how things will turn out and what will happen in the future. Those aspects of life which don’t change as quickly are our values. These values can be the same as those of our parents and our grandparents and are often influenced by just those people.

As we grow up in this world which is moving so fast, we need to have the right values which will guide us on the path we will take through life. That’s my hope for my children, that they grow up with the right values. The values which are life affirming, life enhancing and make the world a better place. Values which will help us to play our part in building communities whose hallmarks are love, mercy and justice.