Where’s humility gone?

duckHumility doesn’t get much of a mention these days, so it was good to see some examples of it in the news recently.

Remember Palm Sunday when we remembered the humble king Jesus riding in to Jerusalem on a donkey? It’s hard to be humble these days as we see plenty of people asking us to follow them, cheer them and copy them as they seek to promote themselves before and above others. Where are the examples of people of humility who don’t seek the limelight but simply get on with their job with integrity and humility?

A recent BBC Sport report said  ‘Hard work and humility …  have allowed Atletico’s bunch of largely unheralded journeymen, none of whom (with the exception of Villa) were superstars before they arrived at the Vicente Calderon, to barge their way without an invitation into the upper echelons of world football. For any football fan who has become cynical about the modern game’s tendency to be ruled by huge dollops of money, Atletico’s unstoppable rise has been a breath of fresh air.’ http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/26966304

Then there’s having humility forced upon you. Wirral Cricket Club were all out for 3 runs recently in a Cheshire league match. Ten of the batsmen were out for 0 and the number 11 gained one run with the other two coming from leg byes. They lost by 105 runs. www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/cricket/27177518

What are we impressed by when we see others? Which aspect of their character are we most attracted to and what role models are we making for young people?