The good stuff is worth working for

natureHaving written about rubbish last week, I am writing about the opposite this week. There’s plenty of good things in life which make life beautiful and uplifting. Appreciating the glory of nature is easy and there’s beauty in how technology has made life easier, helping us to connect to the huge world of which we are a part.

The most satisfying and uplifting part of my life is my family, especially my wife and children. They bring lots of fun and joy to my life. Those who can bring us the greatest joy can also be the hardest work as something of great worth takes time and effort to build. There’s times when it’s hard work to love someone but it’s the same love which helps us to get through the tough times.

And then there’s God’s love, the perfect kind of love which is an example to us all. Knowing God’s love means we know we are accepted for who we are and not what we do or could do. He loves us unconditionally and that’s a very hard love to copy, but it’s the sort of love which brings the best out in every person and every relationship and it’s the sort of love worth working for.