Collecting rubbish

Pile of RubbishIt’s an inevitable aspect of life, especially modern life – dealing with rubbish, the things we have no more use for and which we discard. In my household taking out the rubbish is a man job (there are plenty of others) and I try to reduce it by recycling and making use of things which we could so easily discard.

As we journey on, we accumulate things which have a limited use and then when they are redundant, we throw them away. Without wanting to be a hoarder, I wonder how much we could keep which could have a use. If something is not useful today, could it be useful tomorrow? Perhaps we ought to reduce how much we consume in the first place. In any case when we do have to throw something away, let’s do it responsibly and not create a mess like there is on Mount Everest¬†(

We can easily think what some people have to offer is rubbish, worthless or not worthy of our use. Although we accumulate ‘rubbish’ in our lives, we believe there is inherent value in every person and we all have something positive to offer to everyone. Is it time to clear out the rubbish and fill our lives with positive, life enhancing, useful things?