Relying on each other

handsWe need each other to get to the end and working out how to work together to achieve our goal is not always easy… but it’s always worth the effort.

We are less effective when we try to do things on our own and even in individual sports, there is always a team of coaches and others to get the individual ready to compete. In team sports, working together effectivley is often the difference between a team of talented individuals and a match winning team. It’s only when the individuals are working together that they make the most of those individual talents. Perhaps that’s one reason Manchester United have lost 10 matches already this season.

When we learn to work together, in unity with a common purpose, then we will be more likely to achieve great things. We need to allow others to speak in to our lives and work so we can be inspired and helped to get to the place we want to be. We are all different so working with others is not easy, but in the end I’m sure it’s worth the effort.

Who do we need to ask for help from to reach the place where we want to be?