Overcoming obstacles

obI’m on a diet and trying to lose 14 pounds, so when my scales broke I wasn’t able to check my progress at the weekend. So I was discouraged enough to forget I wanted to lose some weight and ended up indulging myself a little too much – ignorance is bliss!

In last week’s post I wrote about looking ahead to the destination and how that could inspire us to keeping going so we get there. When we look ahead we can feel inspired by the prospect of reaching the end but we may also see all the obstacles between where we are now and where we want to be. Achieving something worthwhile is never an easy, straight, problem free road. I need to make conscious decisions (like not eating takeaways every week) to achieve my goals. I need to endure some short term pain and hardship to ensure I’m able to make it to the end, to the place I want to be.

Are we willing to overcome the obstacles to get to the place we want to be? Is that place worth it?