Falling behind

I wrote about pressing on last week and this week I’ve been thinking about falling behind…already.

Not that I am falling behind, at least not in my new year’s resolutions anyway – it’s only the middle of January! I’m still just about keeping them, just.

No, I’ve been thinking about falling behind in terms of keeping up the pace. When we’ve been doing something for a while it’s hard to keep going, to endure, not to become weary and to press on. It can be easy when we first set out , with the initial enthusiasm, energy and resources, but after a while it can become hard work just to stand still.

Sometimes I just need to keep plodding on and sooner or later I’ll pick up the pace again and run a bit faster with renewed enthusiasm and energy. I wonder what I need to do to reach that time a little sooner?

What encourages you to pick up the pace when tempted to fall behind?