Pressing on

Snow mountain walkOur staff team went on our annual conference with Youth for Christ last week. We are part of this national youth work organisation and part of a family of around 70 local expressions of Christian youth and children’s work around Great Britain. The theme was Pressing on and we all had a good time in lots of different ways.

I was reminded of the need to press on to take hold of those things for which I have been working over many years. In Kick London we work with young people who were once far off, but through working with our coaches are now closer to changing their lives and living in a positive and life affirming way. We have faith that God can make a difference in everyone’s life and has a plan for us all. We just need to join in, forgetting what is past (we can all be forgiven, healed and restored, whatever we may have done) and press on to what is ahead, that which God has made us to be.

Taking some time away allowed me to refocus and be inspired to continue with the work Kick London has set out to do and we are looking forward to what 2014 will bring.

Oh and one more thing about the conference – I was persuaded to eat takeaway pizza after midnight, something I’ve never done before…and perhaps will not do again.