New year, new beginnings

Old-And-NewKick London is all about transforming lives with God’s love through sport. We believe there is always hope for a fresh start, a new beginning, turning around to head in the right direction having been on the wrong road. We see lots of young people who need a little guidance on knowing which way to go and have a need of a helping hand along the way.

We might be able to help with that for the future, but what about the past?

As we look forward to a new year, a new school term, we can be held back from fulfilling our potential by the things which lurk in our past or hang over in to our present. Before we can truly move on and be the person we were made to be, we may need some help sorting out the mess we’ve made in the past – no-one’s perfect!

As a charity founded on Christian principles and using Biblical values to make God real to people, we believe Jesus is the best way to heal our past and make us ready to face the future. I know I’ve tried to sort myself out by myself and not been very successful. It’s only when I’ve trusted others to help and allowed God in to my life to heal, restore and make things new, that I’ve been ready for the future unhindered by the past.