The messy aftermath

Messy kitchenLife can be messy and if you’ve been involved in clearing up the (a) Christmas meal or (b) the aftermath of unwrapping presents or (c) new toys left out everywhere or any other form of mess, you will know this time of year can be a messy time. Then there’s 31 December/1 January to look forward to – perhaps we’ll go out for that night!

As well as homes being messy, life can be messy too. Relatives who fall out, strained relationships, toddler tantrums, babies crying…the list goes on. Christmas can be a time when old tensions flare up, but surely the message of Christmas is ‘peace and goodwill to all’ – I think that’s what I read on a card or heard at church last week!

As the light of the star shone on the stable where Jesus was born, some of the things which were once hidden are now clear for us to see and they are not always good! However, the message of Christmas is God came to our world to bring hope, restoration and the reconciliation of relationships which are broken, especially the relationship between God and people.

As we look forward to 2014, I wonder what needs mending, restoring or reconciling in my life, so that I can enjoy the new year in all its fulness in a right relationship with all those whom I love, as well as those I’m less keen on! To whom can we turn to help us in this?