It’s all about the children

Nativity sceneChristmas is finally upon us and as we finish at the office or the school or whatever we do for most of the year, we can now look forward to spending some time with the people we love.

For those with children, especially young children, the joy and spirit of Christmas is made so much more real and explicit. As we look to the baby born all those years ago, whose name is Jesus and the joy of that new birth, we can remember to be thankful for all the things we have been given, not least of which the presents we may receive on Christmas day! For many people, Jesus is the greatest gift ever received and he continues to bring new life and joy to people in our day.

Over this Christmas week I’m going to try to be like my 2 year old daughter and catch some of her excitement and joy as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, who became one of us to show us the way back to a full and life giving relationship with God.

May you have a very merry Christmas filled with joy and the warmth of the love of family, friends and Jesus.