The X factor

Xmas fairI will admit (gladly) that I rarely watch the X Factor or for that matter: BGT, Strictly or the like. However, I noticed the letter ‘X’ recently and it wasn’t on TV. This picture is one half of a church notice board which I noticed as I was walking past it the other day. I expect for reasons of lack of space, it has used an ‘X’ instead of ‘Christ’, which as a church seems strange, as churches should be promoting Christ, especially at Christmas time.

I wonder what is at the centre of your Christmas celebrations – what is the ‘X’ in your Xmas? Perhaps it’s family, friends, food, something else not beginning with ‘F’?! As we have a holiday from work and enter in to the spirit of Christmas, spare a thought for the baby born to Mary and Joseph all those years ago, the baby Jesus, who is at the centre of Christmas.

The baby in the stable grew in to the man Jesus and challenges us still to answer the question he asked centuries ago, “Who do you say I am?” I wonder what answer we would give?