Christmas is a long time coming

dark nightIf you are involved in schools in any way, this is the term (September to December) which often feels like a long slog. It is usually the longest in terms of months and with the days getting shorter and darker and the weather getting colder and wetter, it makes getting through this term hard going.

One thing which keeps many people going is the growing excitement of preparing for Christmas and we all prepare in different ways. In schools, it’s often preparing for Christmas (nativity) plays or carol concerts. In families we prepare by decorating our homes and buying presents for our loved ones.

As Christmas approaches it’s easy just to look forward to the holidays and the time we spend with our families and loved ones, away from work and the busyness of every day life. I wonder how many of us are looking forward to not just these aspects of the festive period but also the reason why we have Christmas in the first place. We often forget that Christmas is about Christ and his birth, becoming one of us as a baby who grows in to a man who changes the world, both then and now.

As we celebrate together and recover from the long, dark and cold months since the summer, maybe it’s worth taking a few moments to consider Jesus and what he did for us all, in his birth and his death and his coming back to life again, which we celebrate as Easter, which seems a long way away…