Preparing for the important

Advent CalendarNow it’s December, I guess we’re all preparing for Christmas. I’ve got the box of decorations in from the garage and I’ll be buying a tree on Saturday; we’ve started the advent calendar countdown and we’re trying to think of suitable presents for everyone and then there’s the age old decision of where to spend Christmas: our house, his parents, her parents?

Preparation takes time and for the important things in life, that time can be a long time. We prepare food, we prepare for exams and for interviews for jobs. We prepare ourselves when we go out, to look our best and to make the right impression. I sometimes find myself forgetting why I’m doing all this preparation and then forget to enjoy the moment for which I’m preparing. In fact I’ll be busy preparing for the next thing. I need to remember to take time to enjoy that time for which I’ve prepared and to allow others to enjoy it with me.

As we prepare for Christmas, in all the practical ways we have to, it will be good to remember that God prepared for the birth of Jesus and his life and the unique and hugely influential impact that life has had on our world.

After the preparation is over, I want to take time this Christmas to think about what it’s all about and perhaps even to prepare myself to answer the question which Jesus asks us, “Who do you say I am?”