A guest blog from Pope Francis (sort of)

Pope sportKick London promotes values through sport and as a Christian charity, those values are based on the Bible.

Many people are involved in sport, even Popes. Jean Paul II played football as a goal keeper in his youth and Pope Francis played basketball as a young man. He is still a keen supporter of his local San Lorenzo football club in Buenos Aires.

Pope Francis has been talking about the spiritual values of team games with the rugby squads of Italy and Argentina – ahead of their encounter in Rome, so says the BBC news website. “Rugby is like life because we are all heading for a goal. we need to run together and pass the ball from hand to hand until we get to it,” Pope Francis told the rugby players.

This is somewhat similar to how Kick London uses values in our coaching and it’s good to hear the leader of the Roman Catholic church say the same things – we must be doing something right!
He told Olympic officials, “When sport is considered only in economic terms and consequently for victory at every cost, it risks reducing athletes to mere trading material from whom profits are extracted.” International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach said, “You truly understand the joy in human spirit that sport can bring but just as much the deeper values that it can nurture.” Let’s hope the IOC also understands this as they oversee their massive commercial operation.

The Pope has warned that the commercialisation of sport may undermine its spiritual values. “Sport is harmony, but if money and success prevail as the aim, this harmony crumbles,” Pope Francis said.

Kick London will continue to share the love of God by promoting values through sport, making a difference in the lives of young people and in the communities where they live.

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