Remember, remember…

fireworksDid you ‘remember remember the fifth of November’ as the rhyme goes? Perhaps it passed you by in the busyness of your life. Do you even know what was being celebrated as small packets of explosive powders were ignited and pretty colours lit up the night sky?

Kick London has done some remembering recently. Last Friday we remembered all the work we have done over the last 10 years as we celebrated our 10th birthday. It was wonderful to hear stories from those involved in our ministry over that time, especially from those who were there at the beginning.

Who now remembers the reasons why Guy Fawkes and his gang were willing to set off a bomb and kill lots of people. What would we call them now and can we begin to imagine why they (almost) did it?

We too easily forget the meaning of the things we do and we simply get caught up in all the excitement of now. Does it matter why we celebrate something if we’re having a good time watching loud and colourful bangs and lights in the sky? Or perhaps enjoying the food, company and laughter?

The reasons we do things matter as it reveals our motives, our heart, that which is at the core of our being. It is good to be reminded of where we come from, why it all started and from that foundation, we can work with the right motives and values, prepared to continue on the joinery before us.