Are your glory years ahead?

s_old-woman-portraitWow, it’s someone’s birthday today (11 November) and it’s one of those big ’ends in an 0’ ones. As she’s 40 today I can’t reveal who it is and perhaps I’ve said too much already…by the way, that’s not her picture.

I reached the grand old age of 40 during the summer so my friend is not that far behind me. It made me think whether I feel old and whether growing old is a blessing or not. It’s written that ’grey hair is a crown of glory; it is gained in a righteous life’ and I am starting to get grey hair, so I’m looking forward to the glory years and thinking back as to how righteous (or not) my life has been!

Perhaps that verse about a crown from the Bible means if you are old enough to get grey hair then you’ve survived that long, which especially in days gone by was a real achievement. It made me think about my 40 years and how many (in the world) and some (in the UK) don’t reach 40 due to an ’early’ death. Whether it’s poverty, illness, disease, accidents, crime or war, there are many whose lives have been cut short.

I feel blessed to be 40 and privileged to have experienced so many good things over those years. I also feel honoured to have done a little to bless others.

What do you feel blessed about and how are you making the most of your time?