Inspiring us from ages past

stadium crowdI learned a lot from my grandparents and from others of their generation. I remember how they lived, how they looked after me and how they related to me. The more I try to remember, the more happy and inspirational stories I can recall.

We can not only be helped through challenges by friends and if we have faith, by God, we can also be inspired to overcome those challenges by the inspiration of others, even others who lived long ago.

I’ve seen it called the ’great cloud of witnesses’ as if all those inspirational forebears are cheering us on from the stands as we run around the stadium of our lives.

I like to think about people from history too, those who have exemplified the human spirit and been an example to us all: Admiral Nelson, Edith Cavell, Mother Theresa, Ghandi and Martin Luther King to name a few.

We can also look to the Bible for examples of perseverance and good character. Even though those people made mistakes, failed and got it wrong lots of times, they remained faithful to God and to the work they were called to do. They kept going and ended well, looking back on their lives they could see how God helped them through the tough times, carrying them, sharing their burdens and celebrating with them at the end. And then there’s Jesus, who was inspirational in every way but without the faults and deficiencies of ordinary people. He continues to be a role model to many today.

Who do you look to inspire you to greater things and to persevere through tough times?