There is always hope…

David-vs-Goliathsaid Aragorn in the calm moments (and charged atmosphere) before the battle of Helm’s Deep in The Lord of the Rings, at least in the film if not the book. He was facing a massive challenge where the odds were stacked against him and his few friends, in the face of overwhelming numbers, were confronted by an enemy whose sole purpose was to destroy them completely.

Thankfully most of us do not face that sort of challenge but we do all have our own challenges and we all must choose how to respond to them. It’s easy to give in and to give up, but if we dig deep, have some faith in ourselves, our friends and even God, then we usually get through it and grow stronger as a consequence.

At times like this it’s important not to be alone and to lean on those who are stronger, wiser and have been there before. Ultimately I look to Jesus who is always there to help me through tough times. Not only does he provide a necessary support, he has been there before and has the depth of resources, character and desire to carry me through.

Who can you rely upon in times of trouble when the odds are stacked against you and there seems to be no hope?

By the way, Aragorn did his best, with hope in his heart and with a lot of tenacity and a little extra help from some more friends who turned up just in time, defeated his enemies and won the battle.