Having to wait is a waste of time?

waitingI do a lot of waiting. Waiting for trains and buses, waiting for them to get to their destination, waiting at tills in shops (less so now supermarkets deliver), waiting for children to arrive at sports sessions I am leading, waiting for people to get ready.

It’s easy to get frustrated at times like this and to feel it’s a waste if time. Is there a better way? It’s probably best not to get frustrated or angry when we’re waiting, but to use that time in a positive way. Perhaps we can recollect something which has given us joy or we found affirming or uplifting. We could look forward to a happy event or even just admire the surroundings and find beauty in nature. Patience is a virtue and requires practise!

There’s also a lot to be said for having a rest while we’re waiting, finding peace when our lives are otherwise busy and there is turmoil all around. It could be a time to take a short moment to relax and get ready for what’s happening next.

Next time we have to wait, how will we use the time given to us?