You are what you eat

chipsTravelling on public transport a lot you get to see other people eating their lunch or an after school snack. Not only did sitting next to a teenager eating chips on the bus on his way home, make me feel a little nauseous, it made me think about our diets.

Personally I’m still on my post summer holiday diet due to indulging in too much rich food in France. Now we all know we should eat a healthy and balanced diet (I’m sure the boy on the bus was having a rare treat, having exercised a lot that day) but do we consider what we fill our minds with? Our mental diet in other words. Do we reflect upon what we do to ourselves emotionally and mentally and how that makes our minds healthy or not.

Watching TV and films, playing video games, listening to music, reading magazines, surfing the net and interacting with everyone on social media means we are exposed to all sorts of messages, opinions and values. We are (sub) consciously affected by a variety of influences, some good and healthy, some bad and destructive.

While we munch on our salad and fruit at lunch, perhaps we would do well to think about the things with which we are filling our minds.

What’s our mental diet like these days?