When should I worry?

worryIt’s easy to be anxious, to worry and to have that deeply sinking feeling in the pit of our stomach – why do we get a pain there and not somewhere else?

I had cause to worry the other day when I lost my credit card. I was trying to be clever after using it in shop A and placed it in a pocket so I could get to it quickly at shop B. I got to the next shop and it wasn’t there. So much for saving time…I retraced my steps, hoping I would find it.

As I wandered round town, I wondered when and how much I should worry about the loss of my card. Thankfully I can default to Spock like emotions and had been brought up to only worry about something when it needed to be worried about. So I retraced my steps and if I could recover it, there would be no need to worry. If it was truly lost, then and only then would I worry.

I soon found it. It had been handed in to a shop I had been to in between shop A and shop B where, ironically I used cash. Thankfully someone had been kind (and neighbourly?) enough to hand it in.

It’s easy to worry about things but putting things in perspective is important and what may seem worth worrying about at the time, may later not seem as important as it first did. Worrying doesn’t help and may even make matters worse.

I’m not sure what helps me to worry less but one big factor is knowing I am loved and looked after. Not only by my family but also by God, who I believe watches over me, cares for me and looks after me.

What do you worry about and how can you worry about it less?