We’re all the same, but different

southallSome time ago I walked down the busy Uxbridge Road in Southall and found myself one of only 6 white people – everyone else was Asian and I felt a little conspicuous, but enjoyed the sights, sounds and smells of a culture different to my own. London is a wonderfully diverse place.

Living, working and travelling around London you get to see and experience so many different people, cultures, races, religions. Walking down West Croydon’s main shopping street or Uxbridge Road in Southall you could be in a different country. Variety is good and allows us to experience things which are unusual to our normal way of life.

Despite the differences, the more we understand someone and get to know them the more we realise we’re the same in many respects. As people, we are very similar and have the same needs, desires, worries, hopes and fears. When all is stripped away we are simply that, people.

You could say we are one big community and everyone is our neighbour. How we treat people not like us goes a long in showing our true nature and what we consider important. How we relate to different cultures, races and religions can either expand our horizons or cause us to become insular.

We may be different in some respects but deep down aren’t we all the same?