Shouting for the ball…

Jordan Slam Dunk CompetitionA guest blog from Tom Rutter, our founder and Head Coach:

The Chicago Bulls are one of the best basketball team in the world. Probably most famous for having the great Michael Jordan on their team. In the closing seconds of a game, the most important thing for the Bulls was to get the ball to Michael Jordan. They had to get the ball to Jordan for two reasons:

Firstly he was the most likely to sink the ball into the hoop and second because most importantly, he is the only one who really wanted it!

Many where envious of Jordan’s wealth and popularity and many were jealous of the kind of sponsorship deals he had with companies such as Nike. However those same people don’t want the ball when it really matters most.  So often when there was only one point in it, when missing the last opportunity to score could be forever held against him, Jordan still shouted for the ball – and others in the team were grateful to let him have it!

Whether he scored or not, the sheer courage he demonstrated continues to inspire dedication from his fans, which far outlives the games in which he played.

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something…but I can’t accept not trying.” – Michael Jordan.

Do you want the ball?

Can we answer, “Here am I, send me!”?