New places can be scary

school to workBoth safe and challenging places are good places to be.

We’ve had some 15 year old work experience students with us this term and it reminded me of when I was a teacher and was visiting students in their work placements.

In school, in a familiar environment and amongst their friends, young people are confident and feel safe to be themselves. It’s a place where they can shine or it might mean it gives them the confidence to be badly behaved!

In the unfamiliarity of an adult workplace, in new surroundings and with adults all around, it can be a scary place but also a place where new skills can be learned, inspiration can be found and character built.

We often need others to push us beyond our own expectations of where we thought we would reach. We may need to go out of our comfortable and safe environment, to a place where we can find the limits of our character, skills, endurance and faith.

We also need someone to help us get there and continue. Someone whom we can trust, a guide and encourager, a friend and a truth teller.

I have mine, who is yours?