Persevering is not easy (especially in this heat)

heat-exhausted-runnerI’m not a great fan of the hot weather. Low to mid 20s are my limit, so the last few weeks have been too hot for me, but I’ve persevered and gone about everything as usual.

Made me think how easy it is to give up.

Giving up is very easy, we can do it without even trying. Doing something worthwhile usually takes effort. Persevering to the end, through failure, missed goals or letting people down definitely takes a lot of effort.

In sport, to become a champion always takes perseverance. People don’t become winners on the first attempt, it usually takes many years out of the public gaze and even many years in the public eye losing and almost getting there before the time finally comes when the trophy can be lifted or the medal is placed around a neck.

We didn’t see David Beckham or Jonny Wilkinson kicking thousands of balls on their own after others left. We didn’t see Andy Murray hitting innumerous balls over nets. Many of us hadn’t heard of Bradley Wiggins until he won the Tour de France. I’m sure they all failed a lot, but the more they persevered the more they were successful.

What we do mostly in secret produces what is seen in public. What we sow we will reap.

What will I need to persevere in this week?