Competition can be good and bad

Like most things, competition can be good and bad.  People (especially men) have always competed, for many reasons and for many beliefs but not always with the right attitude.

Many years ago competition for land and resources often meant going to war or conflict with our neighbour. Despite this still happening in too many places around the world today, most of us don’t experience it at first hand. Sport in one sense,  has provided a healthy outlet for controlled aggression and a desire to win, to overcome an opponent.

To compete wholeheartedly at any level, we need to be passionate, determined and focused. We need to control our efforts and attitude in a positive way to get the most from our performance. Too often though these positive virtues spill over into a negative, win at all costs attitude and we become more warlike than we should be.

Let’s play sport to win, not in a negative, underhand or unhealthy way, but in a manner which promotes what is good, positive and virtuous. Let’s get our values right so we can get on well with those with whom we compete.