New things are nice to have, aren’t they?

I’m enjoying looking around our new website – it’s a beautiful thing, even if we do say so ourselves!

New things are nice to have and can even boost our spirits and make us feel better. When they stop being new and just become ordinary, every day things, do they lose that something which made them boost our spirits and made us feel better? Why? They probably haven’t changed, perhaps we have.

It takes perseverance to keep that ‘first love’ going and effort to have the same passion we had at the beginning. When the team we support stops winning it’s easy to give up on it. Just ask a Liverpool FC fan who started supporting the club in the 1970/80s when they were winning lots of trophies -the team aren’t winning trophies anymore.

If something that was once new and exciting and now isn’t, has lost its shine or its ability to provide the excitement it once did, remember why it first caused you to love it and occupy your time with it and may remembering ¬†cause you to relight the fire and give a boost to your spirit!